As icebergs floated calmly on the still bodies of water in Jökulsárlón, a quiet confidence emerged from within the simplistic vastness of this land. Although small to scale, this Nordic Island country is a reminder of how volatility and tranquillity are able to coexist in nature. Travelling across the globe to the subatlantic coasts of Iceland, the designer was captivated by its magnificence – and thus came inspiration for SERIES 09: “En Route”.
From the ash-lain ice ridges of the Sólheimajökull glacier, come angular geometric shapes along with the designer’s signature relaxed silhouettes. Prints take form from stones and quartz, which drench the collection in a plethora of vibrant colours. To oppose the intensity of the effervescent prints, minimalist pieces were included as a reflection of nature’s juxtapositions. Inspired by the people of the land, come handmade cuffs and earrings influenced by traditional Icelandic wear. Much like a recount of her journey across Iceland, the inspiration for this collection is a souvenir from CASSEY GAN to us all.