“The supremacy of pure artistic feeling” – the Russian abstract art movement made to be by Kazimir Malevich. The idea came about in 1913, using simple geometric shapes whilst being associated to ideas of spiritual purity. Heavily influenced by this concept, renowned architect, Zaha Hadid presented her designs alongside curated pieces of the Russian avant garde in an exhibition at the Galarie Gmurzynska, called Suprematism.

 With Hadid’s recent passing, comes a collection that pays homage to the renowned architect and her many prominent works. Emulating the fluidity and movement of Hadid’s designs, CASSEY GAN decided to work with more curves and unique shapes in her latest collection – SUPREMATISM. Painting the collection with effervescent hues and vibrant shades, the collection was made to reflect Hadid’s optimism and female spirit in a male-dominant industry. Further emphasising that, non-form fitting silhouettes give off a sense of freedom and a quiet confidence to the female form.